JET + TOUR, meaning convenient + travel, translate literally as “convenient travel”,
corresponds to the Chinese name.


The two Chinese characters of JETOUR were originated from classic Chinese literature,
meaning “successful career” and “the world returns to the same place which different paths”.
JETOUR is a new product line launched by Chery Holding. Based on accumulation of Chery Holding for over 20 years in vehicle manufacturing, with the original intention of produce R&D is to be more intelligence, high appearance, big space, multi-functional and multi-seat,
JETOUR will launch a series of vehicles covering SUV/MPV/EV, etc., to create a new travel mode with intelligent, ecological and convenient.
    In their respective life journeys, enjoy the process of struggle and hard work,
    because the beautiful happiness that arrives at this time is the starting point for
    you to start another wonderful journey of life.